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Matchbox Diary

I do like the feeling of being warm and safe with all these people around me. Sometimes I just want to run away and be free… the only question is, ‘where would I go’? There is this odour that can’t go away. It makes me want to shrivel up and die. UGH, makes me sick!  Babies crying, adults snoring and rain falling from the dark grey gloomy clouds surrounds me.

Emily’s Phone📱

For our Mitey project we had to make a phone for a girl who has run away from her problems at home. We had to create what we thought her phone would look like and what she would have said before and after the problems have started. ( Just letting you know that on the slide where spotify is, the songs are linked. So feel free to press them and listen to what Emily would have listened to. )

Heaven & Earth 🌎

The circle in the middle is the Earth. The people on the right side with halos around their heads are the angels watching over us. The people on the left side represent those who have passed away but have made their way into Heaven. The heart is for God’s love on Earth. Lastly the Sun, Moon, clouds and lightening represents the creations and the seasons God has blessed us with.