Bake It Till You Make It ( Money Time )🎂

For our money time activity we had to apply for a job and write a cv letter. I chose to be a gardener, but we all sadly didn’t get accepted into the job. Luckily there was another option for us to continue our ‘career.’ That was for us to make our own business ad! I decided to create a baking business ad.

I first made my own advertisement to get customers. I asked my family and friends to help me with my new business by sharing to other people about my business to get customers or maybe even hiring employees?

Here is the advertisement that I created!

My Church


The meaning of The Church for me is that, it is a community to connect and to open up your faith with God. For me it is also a place of worship, to learn more about God and all the things he has done for us.

Letter to Chirac

Bonjour Jacques Chirac,

I hope you are well and having a nice day. I am writing this letter to tell you about the things I think are risking the lives of the people who inhabit the Pacific. I think that you shouldn’t let the bomb explode because many people in the Pacific have the right to decide what happens for their own country. 


Kids in Mururoa are endangered, their health is at risk because of what you are deciding to do. People are being killed, they are suffering. It is not fair to them. They get their food from the ocean, and you are destroying it. You are destroying their homeland. Imagine people coming to France and they start testing with nuclear weapons, destroying everything, your habitats and food that you need.


So please, think about what you are doing and how it affects others.

Sailors on Deck

I feel excited and thrilled as we are all  alined against the the handrail waiting for the bomb to release. Facing the starboard  ( right side ) the commander started to count down from 60 reaching 1 ” BOMB GONE” I feel sweat coming down from my head caused by the heat. I can see my bones through my eyelids. The commander said ” Goggles off, open eyes and face the blast. ” I see such magical colors, The clouds were in the shape of a fluffy mushroom. The heat penetrated my body as I watched the burst.

Letter of Advice

Dear Dave,

How have you been? I just wanted to have a little chat with you about your family issues that you are having. As your best friend, I am going to try my best to help you. So, I have noticed that you have been abusing Maraea, mentally and physically. I have heard that she has kicked you out, I am so sorry about that but can you blame her?  Here is some advice you could do to work on your self control. No.1 Try to move on now that Maraea has a new partner, No.2  Whenever you get mad, try to calm down before doing anything else, No.3  Try to understand why things happen, No.4 Talk it out with T and Maraea to make things right, and lastly No.5  Be patient, listen to T and Maraea whenever they need help.

From: Zach