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Emily’s Phone📱

For our Mitey project we had to make a phone for a girl who has run away from her problems at home. We had to create what we thought her phone would look like and what she would have said before and after the problems have started. ( Just letting you know that on the slide where spotify is, the songs are linked. So feel free to press them and listen to what Emily would have listened to. )

Heaven & Earth 🌎

The circle in the middle is the Earth. The people on the right side with halos around their heads are the angels watching over us. The people on the left side represent those who have passed away but have made their way into Heaven. The heart is for God’s love on Earth. Lastly the Sun, Moon, clouds and lightening represents the creations and the seasons God has blessed us with.

Bake It Till You Make It ( Money Time )🎂

For our money time activity we had to apply for a job and write a cv letter. I chose to be a gardener, but we all sadly didn’t get accepted into the job. Luckily there was another option for us to continue our ‘career.’ That was for us to make our own business ad! I decided to create a baking business ad.

I first made my own advertisement to get customers. I asked my family and friends to help me with my new business by sharing to other people about my business to get customers or maybe even hiring employees?

Here is the advertisement that I created!

Clay/Pennies For Hitler

In room 8 we recreated a tragic scene from a book called Pennies For Hitler by Jackie French.  My group chose the scene where the main character Georg had to try and fit into a suitcase, he had to go to his Aunt Miriam and stay with her for a while because he was a German citizen that was a Jew. During those days Germans believed that Jews were bad people, they made up rumors that Jews were poisoning their food and all other stuff.  Our rationale for choosing this scene is it was the first thing that came to mind probably because it was so shocking It must have been hard for Georg separating from his  family. The part I enjoyed was when I got to paint the work that my group made.

Waka Ama 🚣‍♀️

On the 15th of March I woke up excitedly and quickly got ready for Waka Ama  ( canoeing ) I may or may not have forgotten about the Waka Ama so I came to school late, luckily I was right on time and saw that my class was still there when I had arrived. Oh boy I was relieved. I quickly changed, put on sun block and we all waited for the bus to arrive. Once the bus arrived, we all went into our own little pairs to sit next to each other. The drive was not that long but that is also the time when I started getting a bit nervous but never showed it. My mind kept on making up the worst things that could happen like what if I drown, or the boat flips over and I can’t swim in the deep, and all those other incredibly dangerous things that could happen to me. As soon as we got there we sat in four groups of five and sat in a line with our groups. As we got into our lines with our groups I start to see life jackets right next to the paddles. I start to feel a bit better but still feeling a bit anxious until I start hearing them talking about safety and saying that it is not possible for the boat to flip over and that made me feel relieved.

After our safety talk we combined 2 of our teams into one and did the same with the other team, then my team and our instructor went down to the wharf and saw 2 big beautiful boats waiting for us to hop in and paddle around the sea. We went one by one getting inside, and some had to hold on to the boat so it wouldn’t flow away. When everyone was in, we started paddling in time with the instructor, he also told us that when we paddle together it puts pressure and power on the boat so that it can boost itself to move. After a few paddles around the lake we decided to do a race. Each team came next to each other and started paddling. People in my team were rushing. We started to slow down and the others started catching up to us. My team lost, but there was another race back to where we started, we also lost on that round because we were too busy looking at the other team and seeing what they were doing instead of focusing on where we were going. The last race was when we had to paddle with our arms instead. Our team won that round, we were all happy and had another few rides around the lake and also picked up some plastic that we saw along the way. Later on we started playing in the water and had fun splashing and throwing water at each other.


Once we finished playing in the water, we all helped carry the canoes out of the water and put it on top of rolling tyres so that all we had to do was push the canoes into the garage where they belong. Once we pushed all the canoes in to the garage, we all went to shower and change so that we would be all dry and warm. We all said our thank you’s and quickly hopped into the bus and went back to school.


On Friday the 5th of August, we got the opportunity to go and learn about trees and pests, to protect the birds, trees, kiwis and ETC. In the morning we got to meet Chris,  Chris started to explain everything like how the traps work and how to use them.


After Chris explained everything we had a quick morning tea because the bus was waiting outside for us. When we got into the bus we had to wait for 20 min and then we made it to Cornwall park. It was so beautiful, relaxing and very fun to look at.


First we took a quick look at the map then we split up into 2 groups, one group went with Lisa and Charlie and the other group went with Chris. My group went with Charlie and Lisa first and the other group went with Chris/ Lisa and Charlie took my group for a walk and told us some facts about trees.


After we took a little walk we saw a tree with spider-webs and it looked like a Halloween tree instead of a Christmas tree. Later on we had to switch with the other group which meant the other group goes with Lisa and Charlie and my group goes with Chris.


First we had a look at one of the traps and one of the traps had the peanut butter licked off and we saw that the pest spit out some of the peanut butter. We also took a look at some of the other traps but it was all empty. But we found out that the pest that ate the peanut butter was a rat.


After taking a look at all the traps we all got some binoculars and tried to look for some birds. I saw a Fan Tail. It looked so beautiful and relaxed. After that we ate our lunch and played some games afterwards, then the bus arrived to pick us up. After another 20 min we  made it to school. We took a pest test and some of us got mixed up with all of the questions.


Later on we made our own tracking tunnels and some of us like me wanted to set our own outside. After that we went back home to rest. It was a really great experience.


Last week on Monday we got an opportunity to do some engineering activities for one week. Epro8 is a company that lets kids like us know how to create and measure. First we read the introduction in the book and did the first activity which was to make a crane. We read the instruction and watched the video to see an example of how they built their crane. It took us two days to finish it and it turned out much more better then we thought it would. We used a measuring tape, aluminum, red and blue joiners to connect the aluminum together, bolts to keep the joiners steady, ropes that could be the hook and two screwdrivers. When we were done Mr Bell our teacher was the judge and tested all of them nobody lost but some of ours broke so we carried on with another which was a bridge. The bridge was more harder than it looked like, we had to make sure it was the right length and width. Making this bridge took us three or two days to make. After we made a bridge we took it outside to record what we have done but then realised we needed a car we rushed inside the classroom and saw tyres inside the box so we made a car and tested our bridge outside. It turned out that all our hard work paid off and our bridge did not break like the last one. Our last one was a caveman car it only took us two days again but this time we needed rubber bands to help push the car more. After we made our caveman car we all had a race, pur one wasn’t fast enough and later on the rubber band broke. My team wasn’t upset because we had an amazing time doing Epro8 and we hope that we could do it again.