Commonwealth Games Reflection

What are the Commonwealth Games?


The Commonwealth are games that Athletes enter for their Country. Commonwealth games are also different from the Olympic games because the Olympic Games is a Global sport for the whole world, but the Commonwealth games are just for original members that are in the Commonwealth Games.

What happened on the “ Road To Birmingham”?


We had to run as many laps as we could and we added up all the laps, turned them into kilometres and added it to our Road to Birmingham, because it was our goal to get to the finish line. We also could not travel because it cost too much money so we did it virtually. We had to virtually travel 1653.2km in 100 days, to get to the finish line.

Which Athlete did you choose/Why?


I chose Frances Davies, because I knew that she works hard and ecourges herself to reach her goal , which is very inspiring to me, it teaches me to never give up until I reach my goal.



4 Interesting Facts About Frances Davies!

  • Frances Davies was born in Rotorua
  • She was born 4th of March 1868
  • She started to play field hockey when she was six years old
  • At nine years old she started playing field hockey at Tauranga Girls College



How did we follow NZ during the games?


I watched the games with my uncle because he is the only one in my family that has sky TV to watch sports. The first time I watched only my chosen athlete but then my uncle encouraged me to watch some more sports with 

him so that I could discover more sports athletes.





I would like to do this again because it was so fun to find facts, and I would recommend this even if you are not sporty, because it will give you something to do instead of lying down on the couch being like a sack of potatoes. 😅


“How Can We Save Endangered Life”

We can save endangered creations by looking after our world more, because the world is a gift from God full of wondrous adventures. We can start off by throwing rubbish instead of throwing it everywhere. We can also look after  animals like birds that are endangered because of pests.


Pests like possums, ferrets, feral cats and lots more that eat little bird eggs, kill animals and eat them which makes animals get extinct and that is very bad because god gifted us food, sheep using its fur to make clothes. We also need to stop cutting down healthy trees all the time because trees give us oxygen to breathe and birds use it to hide from their predators.


We hurt the environment by building more and more factories which makes more smoke then the smoke goes up into the atmosphere and damages the atmosphere and hurt the birds that flies by with the smoke and makes them dirty. Another reason why we shouldn’t throw rubbish everywhere is because the rubbish goes into the drains and the drain takes the rubbish to the sea, which means that the sea creatures would think that the plastic is food and eat it, then they choke and die which is very sad. 





On Friday the 5th of August, we got the opportunity to go and learn about trees and pests, to protect the birds, trees, kiwis and ETC. In the morning we got to meet Chris,  Chris started to explain everything like how the traps work and how to use them.


After Chris explained everything we had a quick morning tea because the bus was waiting outside for us. When we got into the bus we had to wait for 20 min and then we made it to Cornwall park. It was so beautiful, relaxing and very fun to look at.


First we took a quick look at the map then we split up into 2 groups, one group went with Lisa and Charlie and the other group went with Chris. My group went with Charlie and Lisa first and the other group went with Chris/ Lisa and Charlie took my group for a walk and told us some facts about trees.


After we took a little walk we saw a tree with spider-webs and it looked like a Halloween tree instead of a Christmas tree. Later on we had to switch with the other group which meant the other group goes with Lisa and Charlie and my group goes with Chris.


First we had a look at one of the traps and one of the traps had the peanut butter licked off and we saw that the pest spit out some of the peanut butter. We also took a look at some of the other traps but it was all empty. But we found out that the pest that ate the peanut butter was a rat.


After taking a look at all the traps we all got some binoculars and tried to look for some birds. I saw a Fan Tail. It looked so beautiful and relaxed. After that we ate our lunch and played some games afterwards, then the bus arrived to pick us up. After another 20 min we  made it to school. We took a pest test and some of us got mixed up with all of the questions.


Later on we made our own tracking tunnels and some of us like me wanted to set our own outside. After that we went back home to rest. It was a really great experience.


Last week on Monday we got an opportunity to do some engineering activities for one week. Epro8 is a company that lets kids like us know how to create and measure. First we read the introduction in the book and did the first activity which was to make a crane. We read the instruction and watched the video to see an example of how they built their crane. It took us two days to finish it and it turned out much more better then we thought it would. We used a measuring tape, aluminum, red and blue joiners to connect the aluminum together, bolts to keep the joiners steady, ropes that could be the hook and two screwdrivers. When we were done Mr Bell our teacher was the judge and tested all of them nobody lost but some of ours broke so we carried on with another which was a bridge. The bridge was more harder than it looked like, we had to make sure it was the right length and width. Making this bridge took us three or two days to make. After we made a bridge we took it outside to record what we have done but then realised we needed a car we rushed inside the classroom and saw tyres inside the box so we made a car and tested our bridge outside. It turned out that all our hard work paid off and our bridge did not break like the last one. Our last one was a caveman car it only took us two days again but this time we needed rubber bands to help push the car more. After we made our caveman car we all had a race, pur one wasn’t fast enough and later on the rubber band broke. My team wasn’t upset because we had an amazing time doing Epro8 and we hope that we could do it again.

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